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Prasat Neang Khmau

Prasat Neang Khmau

Takeo Province, off Rte 2, 1.5 hours south of Phnom Penh

Standing next to an active pagoda, Prasat Neang Khmau consists of two deteriorating brick prasats (towers) built in the Angkorian-era in the 10th century A.D. under King Jayavarman IV. There was probably at least one more ancient prasat where the modern pagoda now sits. Prasat Neang Khmau was originally dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The temple complex is named after Neang Khmau, ‘Black Lady’, a modern-era statue located in front of the temples. At the 51km road marker. The temples are on a small hill right next to the road.

Phnom Chisor
Tonle Bati/Ta Prohm

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